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Our Background

Steve Fox has been producing video presentations for over 30 years.
He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brooklyn College with an MS degree in TV/Radio. In 1976, Mr. Fox began his career by producing a documentary television show called "Island Of Hope", portraying immigration to New York in the twentieth century. The show aired on broadcast & educational television in honor of America's Bicentennial.

Since that time, Mr. Fox has produced a multitude of corporate, organizational and educational video productions including commercials, infommercials, organizational, training and dinner presentations. His work has been shown on national TV as well as on regional cable channels. He is considered one of the foremost producers of recruitment and organizational productions having done work for over 25 noteworthy institutions in the New York, New Jersey, metropolitan area. He formed Fox Video Productions, a full service, production/post facility offering full creative including shooting, editing, duplication, image magnification and video to DVD transfers, after working for MPCS Video Industries and Midwest Communications, both in Manhattan.

With over 30 years of video experience, Mr Fox has been producing excellence for customers large and small with one common denominator - creativity, sensitivity and professionalism.

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